Meditation Defination And Meaning

What is Meditation?

Meditation is nothingness and it’s a very simple process. All that we all should know is right button means right way. In Upanishad it’s call a witnessing means only witness to your only thoughts and don’t try to involved in it.

Just be observer , be a watcher just observe your mind process, your mind’s activity . Whatever thoughts may be negative or positive be neutral just don’t run towards any thoughts. Just keep quiet and close your eyes and take normal breathe by accepting whatever is happening.

Traffic of mind—–thoughts passing by may be it’s your desires, memories, dreams or fantasies. Simply be cool watching it, seeing it with no judgement.

What is permanent soul or body, as we have taken birth as human beings so we have to leave this body one day. So what is permanent soul or body. First of all we are soul and body is only upper cover of our soul.

We are not only physical body, we are also a energy body. That’s why we feel Vibes and understanding negative and positive energy. All we have to do is to connect with universe a source of whole energies. It is possible only by walking on spiritual path and by doing meditation.

Meditation Meaning

Meditation in a true sense is a radical form of being in the absolute present. Meditation play a huge role in changing the person life.

The last ultimate goal of all of us to be in association with this supreme energy. The destination of of spiritual planet is venkhutas. Every soul last destiny is to merge with God that is Brahm 🙏

Meditation on the personal divine form of lord Shri Krishna ultimate goal is to in association with of god in his personal kingdom known as bhagwan realisation.

Meditation Definition

Meditation is an event. Meditation leads to self awareness, so we can begin to recognise that we are not our tensions or thoughts. Bringing our attention inside repeatedly over time can strenghthen our awareness.

So that we can experience anything that we ever have, like a moment of great happiness. Through meditation can develop the focus required to go to the power, the source. Hang out without creating any new Karma’s.

That is great wonder of meditation with much practice we can still the mind enter in pure consciousness and even transcend consciousness beyond the body. Meditation is boon of God or nature. When God will pleased to you then you will understand meaning of meditation. Seeing the thought as an evidence being is meditation.

You will have greater magnetism and will be able to attract more or what you desire into your life. You will be more connected to yourself to your own world 🌍 and to others. It will also reduce many such things in negative aspects going on in your life right now.

You are spirit child of god and you can prove it.🙏💕

You think that you are the body, but you are not. Your consciousness is centered in the body, but when you are asleep, your consciousness is beyond it. Your feelings are mostly concentrated on the welfare of your little body, but you can expand your love to take in the kingdom of the Infinite. Since we are all limited by ego or body consciousness, we must expand our love in order to reclaim our kingdom of infinite consciousness.

Meditation is a sure way to prove that you are not the body, but a spirit-child of God. We are waves of the Ocean, waves of Life. When the body dies, we merge in the Ocean of Spirit, and then come out again as a wave in the next life.
You must give up some of your useless pursuits and idle thoughts to make time for God. The world takes out of you all it can, and keeps you engaged with many worthless habits and unproductive activities.

Use your precious gift of reason and try to find God. You need not go into the forest where other, though different, temptations will assail you and perhaps conquer you. Your duty is in the world where your karma (action) has placed you to work out your salvation by serving your fellow men. You find God in the solitude of your own room when, in the early morning hours and at night, before sleeping, you compose yourself for contemplation and meditation on the great divine principle that created you.


Just think and try to understand that you are not body you are pure soul. Taken birth for doing spiritual work but we ourself tie in all materialistic things and move birth to birth round and round. Which is never ending.

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