How To Go On Spiritual journey

Have you ever think 🤔 why you are facing never ending problems.Not getting solutions yet. But is it possible?Search solutions for our depressed 😔 life. Yes it’s possible only by walking on spiritual path.

spiritual journey

So first we understand that we all are soul’s we are energy that’s why we feel positive and negative vibes. As your soul get ready to start to travel on spiritual path automatically you may started to get solutions for your queries.

As you move on spiritual path step by step you can able to start dissolving your bad karmas, your negative energy stuck to your chakras which blocked your chakras further it’s create hurdles in your life.

We face unsuccessful , sadness, insecurity,bad relationship, financial issues in our life.But by being a spiritual is boon of God 🙏 or nature.

You feel like an event when god bless you and pleased you as his child.Than several bombs 💣 will utter blast in your heart ❤️ with unlimited unexplained never ending happiness.

Than you understand meaning of spiritual journey

spiritual pathway definition

Definition of spiritual pathway is very simple. By doing meditation and by going in meditative mode you leads to self awareness.

You able to know about yourself.You realize what is reality for taking birth as human beings. Still now what you have not done and now what to do ,you able to know your purpose of your taking birth.

YOU leads to self awareness so you can begin to recognise that we doesn’t come on this Earth to take a bulk of, lot’s bundle to carry stress, tension and negativity.

Until and unless person is ready to walk on spiritual path only when they seek their inner peace. Majority of human being is unaware of the need of inner peace, positivity and peacefulness of mind body and soul.

They are plagued by anxiety, fear, depression, insecurity, mental exhausting and spiritual poverty. They do not know that by searching solutions in outer world is more complicated and hectic.

They will not get nothing. Only by walking on spiritual path means by doing meditation only they get mental peace medicine that is capable of curing what ails them.

spiritual journey pathway,

Spiritualism meaning meditation and meditation means to flow inside your world which is so much huge and wide than outer world even we can’t imagine so much.

Meditation is dhyaan in sanskrit which basically means attention. Bringing our attention inside your world repeatedly.

As we spend much time in meditation, our time can strength our awareness. As awareness grow more and more we experience anything that we ever have just like a moment of great happiness.

Through meditation it can develop the focus required to go to that particular source,we want to achieve. Burn our past karmas by doing regular meditation and healing even our present birth and past birth also. Which we carry out so many collection of negative energy and bad karmas since so many births.

Because of it we are taking birth again and again this bunch of rigid karmas also burning by walking on spiritual journey. Hang out without creating new karmas able to dissolve all issues of our lives.

By doing all this spiritual activities it’s bring benefits in four levels that is physically, mentally, psychological and spirituality.

spiritual journey gifts

Spiritualism gives you the confidence that you are large than your demon’s means your life related problems which is stuck and giving you continuously hurting situation.

You will reach at harmonious state of mind. That is the greatest wonder of spiritual journey. Much more practice of meditation we can still the mind, ready to enter pure consciousness.

Even while doing meditation you reach deeply in your inner world even transcend consciousness beyond the body. You will have greater magnetism and will be able to attract more of your desires into your life.

You will feel more connected to yourself to your own world. Easily you can understand with the other people vibes that which person is your good friend and which is your enemy’s, Just by easy judgement you can able to cut from you and walk out from them.

It will also reduce such many of the negative things going on in your life right now. So be ready for a great exploration of your life.

By walking on spiritual path and becoming part of universe. So what for you are waiting for just start from now only. 👍🙏

dr harsha khandelwal द्वारा प्रकाशित

I am distance healer ,can heal your any problems.want to know your future'solutions send your image,tell your future related problems solution

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