Black Tourmaline Healing Properties And Uses

Hare krishna, radhe krishna

Black tourmaline crystal benefits

Black tourmaline crystal has been used since ancient times by shamans and healers for protection.It is only one powerful crystal that protect and heal all levels.In a all sense like physical emotional mental and spiritual.It is a strong spiritual grounding stone.Black tourmaline crystal is a powerful for protection against negative energy and negative entities.

It’shave many healing properties black tourmaline have a great ability to remove negative energy with in a person and space.

Black Tourmaline crystal uses

Black tourmaline cleanse purify and transform negative energy into positive energy.It balances harmonizes and protects all chakras it works with root chakra to ground us.This is because your root chakra is the base of the rest of our chakras. This crystal is ideal for those that challenging in work places. Black tourmaline acts to protect an individual energy field against entity’s, attachment and devil’s 😈.We could also say that black tourmaline is a negative energy black hole pulling negative energy from you and your surroundings and clearing all that disharmony.

Black tourmaline uses in our own

Etheric purification is another use of black tourmaline putting in pillow case. While going outside you can keep in your pocket, 👜 purse or bag and carry anywhere you go it’s give you protection in all ways. Also when we meditate we can hold it in our hands to go in deep meditative state. It also provide cleansing for the auric feild and all dimensions of Etheric body. If one is not grounded and not in tune with the planetary energy at that time these shifting occurred. Increase stress in such situations black tourmaline hold in our hands to pull out lower stagnant stressful energy out of your system to purify and clear dull energy into energetic powerful energy.

Keep Black tourmaline crystal in front of entry door it will not allow negativity or black energy to entry in your home. IT protect you whole family members entire house and Keep you always safe. You might say it’s your protector forever.

Black tourmaline crystal energy

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