A Beginner’s Guide To The 7 Chakras + How To Unblock Them

Hare Krishna Radhe Krishna 🙏

Seven chakras fact

As our body is made of five elements so automatically by birth we are connected by Nature.

Whenever we go against by Nature we face many problems. Seven chakras colours is directly connected with rainbow 🌈.

Rainbow colours and our chakras colours are similar. If we follow nature’s rule we live happily a healthy life,but as we break 💔 rules of nature we face 😈 so many problems.

We desturbed ourselves by our emotions by health wise physically we face many disease mentally also we desturbed by our emotions.

As like a rainbow we can also make our life like a rainbow colourful and enjoyable.

Root chakra details

The colour of this chakra is 🍒♥️red symbolic of this chakra is heat 🔥 fire and anger. Red is stimulating and energizing colour.

The Chakras colour is Red . The colour of Shakti and Shakti is for energy. Energy for movement, development, working mentally physically even for spiritual awakening and meditation means for all purpose.

Root chakra or muladhar chakra is situated at the base of spine. We can say that it’s a storage of our all Karma’s. Whatever done by soul good or bad all karmas of each and every birth is stored in this particular chakra.

It is linked to our sub conscious mind where all experience and actions with soul basic nature is already there. According to karmic law our future and our destiny all is related to this muladhar chakra.

You can also say that it is a personality development chakra.

If this chakra is blocked we suffer diseases like low BP, rheumatism, paralysis, anaemia.

How to Unblock root chakra

Wear clothes which is red in colour or place the things in or around your house which is red in colour.

Do exercises or yoga connected to the ground or you can do standing in standing postures also.

You can do daily walk means long walking distance atleast one hour or more than that ohh 😮 no know not slow little bit fast.

This chakra is also related to family also so try to maintain good relationship with family members and it’s help you to balance your chakra.

Eat food for this is mostly red in colour 😋 such as beet, radish, red cabbage, 🍅 tomato, cherry 🍒, red berries, onion, water melons, red chilli etc.

Sacral chakra (svadhisthana)

The colour of this chakra is orange 🍊. symbolic of this chakra is prosperity. Stimulating blood supply and energizing nerves which is beneficial in dialasis, kidney issues, gall stones, appendix.

Sacral chakra is situated four fingers downward to naval . Where muladhar is storehouse of karmas swadishtan chakra is activation in karmas means bring clarity and development of personality.

How to unblock sacral chakra

Wear orange colour clothes or place orange colour things in or around the house.

This chakra is related to creativity or art work try to keep busy yourself in any creative work you like.

Try to keep healthy realtions and in any situation can’t keep healthy realtions than just leave with easy calm and quietly.

Meditate on sacral chakra just focus your concentration on that particular chakra and imagine orange colour on that chakra.

Food we can eat for this chakra to cure is orange 🍊, carrot orange 🥕, apricot, mango 🥭, peach and 🍑 papaya.

Manipur Chakra details

Manipur chakra is situated behind the naval.

Colour of this chakra is yellow 💛which is associated with joy 😹 and happiness. The element of this chakra is fire that’s it is also known as sun center.

It controls our energy and balance the energy and balance to strengthen and consolidate our health.

Strong and healthy Manipur Chakra greatly support good health and if any kind of illness may it cure soon.

Stimulating to brain 🧠 and liver.

Effective in treatment of diabetes, indigestion, constipation, 👀 eye and throat infection.

How to Unblock Manipur chakra

Eat natural yellow colour food in your daily routine like 🍋 lemon, sweet lime, grapes, pumpkins, melon, banana 🍌, mango, gauva.

Practice bhastrika or kapalbhatti pranayam regularly.

Wear or place thing’s in and around your house.

Practice regularly like bhujangaasaan sarpasan, naukaasan.

The heart Chakra or anahat chakra

It is the place of our atma or we may also say that our divine soul.

This chakra is reated to love emotions attractions and our feelings all. This chakra is having capability to fullfill your all wishes and desires just concentrate in the center of your heart and just imagine whatever you want by closing eyes feel that all is happening. Also while doing this send message to your mind also that already you got it and this way you can complete your all wishes.

❤️ Heart chakra or anahat chakra colour is 💚. Green colour is regarded as colour of harmony and it’s useful in treatment for 🥵ulcers, 🦟 malaria, colds 🥶, cancer.

How to Unblock heart Chakra

Eat natural green colour food and always try to connect with nature just visit to mountains or garden which are close to your house walk daily and spend your morning evening time by doing this also your heart chakra will be strengthened by positive energy.

Concentrate on heart Chakra and practice to meditate daily.

Wear green colour or use green colour things in your day to day life.

Food also play important roles and helps to open this chakra by eating green colour food for this we can eat green vegetables like gourds, spinach, lettuce 🥬, peas, green mango, beans etc.

Vishuddha chakra

This chakra is situated in throat or you can also called as breathing chakra because it’s function for prana while breathing its remove all toxicity of our body.

Purification while breathing is not only physical level but also on mentally and spiritual level also.

Throat chakra is blocked due to when person feel fear or someone is dominating or want to speak your voice are ignored by others or they say so loudly that the person forcely keep quite in such situation throat chakra blocked and convert into Disease related to throat such as thyroid etc.

Colour of this chakra is 🔵 Blue or sky blue and it’s useful in treatment of dysentery, colic, asthama, high blood pressure.

How to Unblock vishuddhi Chakra

Eat natural food colour which is blue or wear clothes which is in blue colour.

Food for this we can eat blue plum, blue beans, blue 🍇 etc.

If you are dominating by other’s feeling lonely than go to mountain place or place where no one is there just shout very loudly tell whatever in your mind and empty your all agression.

This method also help you to clear your vishuddhi Chakra.

seven chakras

Third eye chakra ajna

It is located between our two eye brows. You can also say as power house of mind because it is storage of our memory or even we can recall our old memories also.

It is also called as third eye chakra and it is a meeting centre of our three main supreme nadis that is Ida, pingla and sushumna Nadi.

The colour of this chakra is Indigo. It’s an excellent stimulant without being an irritants. It is beneficial in treatment of cataract, migrane, excess tiredness, skin disorders.

How to Unblock third eye chakra

We can eat food which is natural colour like blue berries, indigo cauliflower etc.

wearing or using thing’s which is colour in indigo.

Practice pranayam regularly like Nadi shodhan or balance your breath by doing surya Nadi and Chandra Nadi (All details I have already written in my another blog surya Nadi and Chandra Nadi you can read to know all details)

Crown chakra

This chakra is located at the top of the head and it is also called Brahmnand means door of God which opens for our humanbeings for**Moksha**

By going in deep meditation this chakra opens and soul connect to brahmand. Reaches to the end of Soul journey that is Brahm means mukti from taking birth again’and again free from all Karma’s that is Moksha.

Colour of this chakra is violet .

How to Unblock Crown chakra

Eat natural food which is natural colour in violet or also in white.

You can chant Om ॐ regularly before meditation or while doing any work you can chant internally Om continuously and this also beneficial for any bhakt to open crown chakra.

Wear or eat food which is violet in colours. Food we can eat like egg plant, black berries.

Besides this anyone who want to open his own all seven chakras can open with the help of charging crystal or some spefic mantras which is invented by me to open all chakras or with the help of some breathing techniques at the some extent it’s help you to open Chakras. (different types of breathing techniques).

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Harekrishna Radhe krishna

Om namah shivay 🙏🙏

Thanks om namah shivaya

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