Master connection presence and blessings

MASTERS PRESENCE AND THERE POWERS Sometimes masters manifest their presence in ways that anyone can see you can ask your masters to appear as proof of your masters contact . Few commomn sighns.

**CLOUDS ———— you may saw your masters face in cloud formations especially sacred sites or sometimes you will see clouds that resemblence like feathers or wings OR YOU may also saw your masters face made in naturally front of you it come suddenly and gone away.

WORDS —————————Often after you ask presence of your masters you will hear the word or someone will say the word to you in unlikely way.

CRYSTALS———————Masters can suddenly appears in your crystals .They show you different sighns through crystals .


regularly doing meditation holding crystal in your hands masters show changes what is happening in you by subconscious mind or conscious mind If you talk with them daily day by day you become close to him.

***MESSAGES—————-First masters give us sighns so that we will know that they and their messages are real first they confirm you their presence by sending messages .

Sighns can be anthing that you can see or hear in this physical world three or more times or several times or receive in a very in a very unusual way Many people report smelling perfume flowers or any natural pleasent smell when their masters are nearby.

***LIGHTS———————–When you see sparkling lights you are seeing the friction or energy of masters moving across the room Its a little light like seeing sparks fly from a fast moving car or thunders in clouds.

NUMBERS—————-Another way in which they speak to us by showing us number sequences you see the same number repeatedly ..This is not co– incidence but a message from above and this numbers is just precise

dr harsha khandelwal द्वारा प्रकाशित

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