All The Candles Secrets You Need To Know To Create A Blissful Ambience


 Candle Magical Magic

                ***Candle magic is greatly desired assosiated with the fire element Candles chatter and the direction of the flame denote magical communication.                            

  *** They speak a magical language the words being expressed by the fliekering and dancing of the candle flame the billowing of the smoke and the popping of the hot wax. 

                           ***This teaches a simple yet successful way in burning candles and candle magic. Your candle magic can be very ceremonial or very simple. Sometimes the simpler the better.

                         ***Alot of people burn candles just about every night. They burn a candle in honour of goddess. Just burning a candle too puts you in right frame of mind.  

                        ***When doing magic there is always good and bad that comes with it. When you are doing ritual think positive that it will work. 

                           ***When doing a candle magic leave oprning  for GODS to let them make decision.

Also give certain amount of time for it to happen also remember sometimes you just might not get your wish and it might not be because you failed in your magic . Sometimes you might be success its depends. 

                                               However when your magic does work or not do not forget to thank the Gods . Also feel that feeling of how it feels when something  great happensand put that same feeling in another candle magic that you do.   

                             READ HOW TO DO MAGICAL CANDLE                        MORE———————————–MORE ——————————————MORE—————————————-          

 Different Colours Of Candles Doing Different Rituals                  

It is very important in candle rituals. Color has subtleinfluences and each one vibrates at a different frequency.

                                          BLACK ———- Used for protection, to repell negativity.iT IS ALSO g  good for stopping gossip, keeping interfering people out of your life, or breaking bad habbits.                               

BLUE————-Promotes calmness and tranquity and also offers protection. Lighter paler blues are good for pleasent dreams and to releive anxiety and confusion .   

                               BROWN ————–Used to aid in healing animals , and for protecting the home. Its also used for grounding and centering if you are overenergized, and is linked to common sense and stability. 

                         COPPER ———————-Represents carrer success and growth.

                                   GOLD———————–A color representing god ,and is used to help with financial matters and security.   

                          GREEN————————-Symbolizes physical healing growth , and abundance. It also represents the Earth Mother and fertility. And its help to find logic and releive stress .

                        ORANGE ———————-Luck and success in businesss and other matters, as well as justice and strength.   

                          PINK———————— It works well with romance ., emotional healing ,,self love , and promotes nuturing and peace. also helpful with sympathy, empathy. 

                                PURPLE———————When worn it help you to gain respect , spirituality, hidden knowledge , and is representative of the element AKASHA.                             

  RED————Its works good when used in efforts with love, lust or sexual desire, passion, physical strength and energy, Its also representative of the element of fire.   

                               SILVER—————-In candle colors it usually represents the GODDESS, and it also helps with inner peace and serenity. 

                                   WHITE————————-Used for protection , truth, clarity, and spiritual  guidence , as well as a substitute for any other color. White is the culmiation of all colors.   

                                  YELLOW———————–It represents the sun,and is used to help with memory, communications, imagination, intelligence and  success. It is also representative of the element of Air.                 


                SUNDAY———————Ruled by  the sun . its the proper day of the week to perform spells and rituals involoving banishing evil, exorcism, healing and prosperity. COLORS———–orangr, white, yellow.   

                   MONDAY————-Ruled by the moon .is the proper day of the week to perform  spells and rituals involving purification .,protection , peace the goddess, female fertility ,messages, reconcillation, theft, and voyages,. COLORS—— silver, white grey.

                             TUESDAY———-Ruled by mars is the proper day of weekto perform spells and rituals involving courage, energy, physical health, stimulation, banishing negativity, revenge, courage, surgery          COLORS————-red, orange.   

                                     WEDNESDAY————–Ruled by mercury is the proper day of the week to perform spells and rituals involving communication, divination, writing knowledge, wisdom, study and business transaction ‘. COLORS—————-yellow, grey purple.

                              THURSDAY——————Ruled by jupiter is the proper day of the week to perform spells and rituals involving luck , wealth, happiness, health, legal matters, male fertility, healing animals and agriculcutre ,.COLORS————–blue brown .

                             FRIDAY——————–Ruled by venus is the proper day of the week to perform spells, and rituals involving, love, romance , beauty, sex, marriage, friendship, and partnerships.


                      SATURDAY——————-Ruled by saturn is the proper day of the week to perform spells and rituals involving spirit communication, meditation, locating lost things, or missing persons and change.COLORS——————black, blur, grey , purple. 


It’s a magic Miracles of candles in a positve ways to create positivity in your life. There is not any purpose to harm anyone. It’s help you to dissolve your issue.

Thank you very much 🙏

jai shri krishna

dr harsha khandelwal द्वारा प्रकाशित

I am distance healer ,can heal your any problems.want to know your future'solutions send your image,tell your future related problems solution

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