Crystal healing

***CRYSTAL are used for physical mental emotional and spiritual healing CRYStal are said to direct the flow of energy to the person in a particular part of the body and bring total balance to a persons energy.

Ultimately they are used to cleans the person from bad or negative energy believed to cause an illness Clearing out the negative energy alleviates the physical  ailment

    ***As our body is made of five elements crystal is also made of five elements EARTH fire water air and sky This five elements effects like mother as earth father as sky grand father as fire grandmother aswater and life power breathe air.

                                      ***In crystal we can see universal all cosmic law and all patterns Crystal is also made of different planets and different colours Crystal itself have their own energy comes from light and a invisible particular vibrating rate.

                                             ***While doing meditation with the help of crystal the positive energy increases in four dimensions of frequency You can remove your fear factor with the help of vibrated crystal always keep with you all the time.

                                           ***VIBRATED crystal are used to cleans the persons from negative energy to positive energy You can place a crystal in your house anywhere according to situation like in temple, cupboard, study room , living room , bedroom like crystal pyramid , shivling , shankh, crystal pencil etc EVEN IN your offices or in your working place you can place crystal as per your problems    

                                   ***Always keep crystal in velvet or silk cloth If it fall from hand it can easily break so handle with care Always keep on sacred place When not use wrap your crystal in a silk or velvet scarf Regular use of crystal may give some changes and appearence of crystal More you use more powerful it becomes                                    

    ***If crystal break automatically break  it was a good sign crystal take your all problems on itself  and save you and your life YOU HAVE TO REPLACE A BROKEN CRYSTAL COMPULSORY During a full moon it is a propitious time to perform a ceremony with your crystal                            

  ***Just as the full moon rises take a crystal on a plate or bowl Light the herbs as incense and offer the crystal to the moon chanting and praying giving your thanks Then take the crystal and beam it by directing its rays to yourself your body and your companions                                                                                                        MORE —————–MORE
BENEFITS OF CRYSTAL                              1]] CRYSTAL WATER THERAPY                            Crystal water has been drunk for its healthy benefits for centuries Magnetised water is quite popular like that cryatal alsocan be used for energised water as a remedy.

      2]] For overall internal bath and healing giving equilibrium to the body .CRYSTALLIZES /CONGESTIONS/ LIKE URIC ACID and blocks so energy flows freeely  for purification of body balance and harmonizes the aura as well as for any intestinal discomfort  

                         3]] CHARGING OF WATER USING DIFFERENT VESSELS                         COPPER vessel containing water and crystal heals joint pain arthritic swellings rhumatoid arthritis detoxifiction of uric acid and decreases excess heat                               

    4]] IRON vessels  containing water and crystal gives body strength vugour vitality and rejuvention SILVER VESSSEL containing water and crystal silver charged water increase mental capacity helps in psychic development and mental balance                                  

dr harsha khandelwal द्वारा प्रकाशित

I am distance healer ,can heal your any problems.want to know your future'solutions send your image,tell your future related problems solution

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