Navratri Shakti Sadhna Siddhi Five Powerful Mantra With Spiritual Significance Of Navratri

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Jai # Durga Maa🙏🙏🙏🙏

In Navratri real fasting means in spiritual ways is purification of soul. We carries bulk of negativity in our day to day life with so many wanted or unwanted reasons. So Navratri is celebration and fasting regards to purify our chakras and our mind body and soul.

Following way from the first day you make a strong decision to improve your self by removing all bad habits and become good pure soul. Food fasting is for body but in intellectual level it’s for our soul.

First Day Means Pratham Divas

I will leave all my anger, jealousy , agression and try to become calm and quiet by nature not only to show off other people but from my depth of my heart I take promise to myself.

Second day Means Dwitya Divas

I will stop commenting other people without reason or it may be reason than also. I will not judge anyone in anyway and even don’t think negative about others.

Third day means tritya Divas

Promise to yourself that I will not complain to anyone for anything. Try to leave all my grudges. I live happily and also allows others to live happy their life as they want.

Fourth day means chaturth Divas

I promise to myself that I wil follow the rule forget and forgive. I will not dominate others for any mistake done by them not even hammer my mind or emotionally torture myself for whatever ups and downs come in my own life.

Fifth day means panchmi

Acceptance is big formula to live life happily. I will accept myself how I was as well as accept other’s also as they are. Our inside also there is spiritual world and outside also there is world I will accept both and make balancing in inner and outer world.

Sixth day means shashti

Whatever I have may be good or bad first of all I love myself may be anyone else like or not it’s not my matter. Ignorence is best remedy for such situation and self love is good medicine. So give love to others also and love to self also.

Seventh day means saptmi

I will balance my feeling in every situation even I will not be jealousy or feel guilty. I handle the situation and solve the issues and move further in life even I don’t blame to other’s or myself.

Eighth day means ashtmi (mahaashtmi)

I leave all phobias may be it’s a fear factor or for any decision making. Make myself strong and face everything and every situation.

Ninth day means navmi (mahanavmi)

I appreciate myself whatever good thing done by me even I will give award to myself. Stand in front of mirror talk with myself and I will offer gratitude for all the things I have and all which I will get.

Dashmi means vijyadashmi

There is more often abundance in universe I just connect to the universal world by going in deep meditation by walking on spiritual path. Surrender myself to maa Durga as a her child she will always with me and protect me.

Mahalaxmi ko prassan karne ka mantra
Om Shree Maha Laxmaye Charanam Vande Namo Namah

ॐ श्रीं महा लक्ष्मये चरणम वंदे नमो नमः

By Chanting this Mantra regularly you may get blessings of goddess Lakshmi and she may be shower you with health and wealth.

For financial growth and for money

om hleem kleem mahalaxmaye namah ( powerfull beej Mantra)

ॐ ह्लीं क्लीं महालक्ष्मय नमः

This is powerful beej Mantra for financial growth and if you are facing financial issues by Chanting this Mantra regularly you may dissolve your issue. Beside it with mantra chanting you should also do work hard for earning definitely you may get positive results.

Laxmi Gayatri Mantra

om shri mahalaxmaye cha vidmahe Vishnu patnaye cha dhimhi tanno Laxmi prachodayat om

ॐ श्री महालक्ष्मे च विदमहे विष्णु पतनये च धीमहि तन्नो लक्ष्मी प्रचोदयात् ॐ

While doing this Mantra Chanting you may get blessings of goddess Lakshmi and God Vishnu together.

Dukh nivaran mantra

om Shri Durga nau rup dharini kasht harini namo namah

ॐ श्री दुर्गा नौ रूप धारिणी कष्ट हरिणी नमो नमः

This mantra is for worshipping for Maa Durga and by Chanting this regularly maa Durga blessings may help you to dissolve your sorrows, pains and sufferings.

Shatru Nashak Mantra

Om nav Durge maa shatrunashini pidaharini naat mastak sharnam namo namah

ॐ नव दुर्गा मां शत्रुनाशिनी पीड़ाहरिणी नत मस्तक शरणम नमो नमः

It’s means you surrender to yourself to maa Durga. If you have any enemy which is harming you so just relax yourself she will protect you and give strength to face the problem.

Navratri Shakti Sadhna

The entire universe exists inside our body. This body has many hidden internal powers.

These powers can be awakened in Navaratri by chanting, worshipping, recitation and meditation.

On the occasion of Navratri positive energy is present by the grace of Mother Durga.

By doing this all can be connected with the sacred power of Maa Durga.

But due to the uncertainty of our fickle mind, changing mood, we are unable to connect ourselves with the power of Mother Durga.

By Chanting the mantra

Determine the time you chant the Mala Mantra on the first day follow it for a full nine days.

Do not change the time according to your convenience nor reduce the number of chants in the mantra or garland well done on the first day.

You did something the next day and not done what you started first day you will not get the fruit of your devotion. Just do what you started first day continue till Ninth day end of the Navratri.

By reciting the strotam and saptshati

Navratri Shakti Sadhana is considered a time of accomplishmentat this time you can also recite Durga Saptashati.

You can also recite Kunjika Strote. This will eradicate the sin of many births and you will attain virtue.

Before reciting Durga Saptashati it is also necessary to recite the Navran mantra.

These are the Navarana mantras ॐ Ain hrim klim chamundayai vichchai

This bija mantra contains the power of Mata Saraswati, goddess Lakshmi and Kali Mata.

While offering Navratri to Mata offer it with this mantra.

Importance of fasting in Navratri

Fasting is a type of process to get the body of toxin out.

Rishi sages who have performed severe austerities fast have attained many siddhis.

It has eternal bliss. Due to the eating habits of our present day lifestyle the body is home to many diseases.

Due to release of toxic from the body is detoxified.

In the process of fasting this acid in the stomach also ends gas, acidity.

Due to the cleanness of the stomach it can also reduce the bad breath, problems in breathing. It also makes the stomach strong.


In this blog I told you how to purify your soul nine days continuously. Navratri is not for only detoxification of physical body but also mental and emotional body. That only I try to say our Indians that our culture is so good and behind at every festival there is some poweful reason. Hope you like it.

This type of blog not ever written by anyone since, so beautifully I explained detoxification, pls write your coments.

🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏jai Durga maa

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