Benefits Of Crystal Tree And Gomati Chakra, Uses Of Crystal

Gomti chakra Gomti chakra

  1. Gomati chakra is used to reverse tona totka and negative thoughts sent by someone against you.
  2. It’s bring prosperity and good luck in your life.
  3. With the combination of rudraksh the power’s multiple and you get blessings of Lord Shiva which gives you peace, courage and growth.
  4. Gomati chakra is also related to Goddess Lakshmi and it has the power of Chamunda Devi.

Gomti chakra is found Gomati river in Dwarka. Gomati chakra is also known as Sudarshan chakra. Because in our Hindu Sanatan Dharm it is believed that it is lord Krishna divine weapon called as Sudarshan chakra.

One side of the gomati chakra there is shape of shell lift up litte bit and on another side there is shape as circular design like a snake that’why it is also called as Naag chakra. According to vedic astrology people having sarp dosh or kaalsarp yog in their horoscope Gomati chakra is beneficial to them by using or shifting to their places.

Gomati chakra ideally can be shifted to your living place, or at your busines or at your cash box also and even in your temple also.

Seven Gomati chakra wrapped in red silk cloth and shoul be placed to your cash box or locker to get the blessings of Lord maa laxmiji. May be if you want Gomati chakra tree as I showed you in image that also you can shift on your business table to grow and progress of your own business. You can may be also get more business order’s. Because gomati chakra create positivity in your place and attract prosperity , success and try to clear most of your financial issues. You can get blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and goddess wealth.

Gomati chakra also able to removes vastudosh from your house. By shifting in south east direction for vastudosh . Second thing if you shift exactly at the front of entry door means anyone who enters in your house he can able to see gomati chakra tree while entering. This why I am telling want to clear that the negativity or negative energies of any person will not effect to you and your family members. Because Gomati chakra reverse the negativity and removed the negativity .

Benefits Of Crystal Tree

Scientifically crystals vibrate at high frequency. Crystals have high consciousness which implies that they vibrate the frequency of abundance , wisdom, prosperity, unconditional love, courage etc so many things.

As per vastu purpose to get financial benefits and get back to stuck to your money in shift the crystal tree in south east direction.

The south east direction of your home, office’s, factory , shop etc.

It also increase physical energy, confidence, motivation, boldness, awareness of feelings, sociability, creativity , happiness.

A powerful crystal tree to attract love peace and harmony in your life.

Improves your relationship with your lover/ husband/ wife/ family members and even in your social life and office staff also.

Helps to maintain healthy relationship with everyone.

Helps to control any problem related to mind.

Also help to keep calm in awkward situations.

To be placed in south west direction for clearence of vastu Dosha.

Also can be placed at the entrance of reception area.

Can also be placed on centre table of your living room.

Helps in business growth and all around success.

About video pls see all details in it Seven chakras balancing crystal tree in this video you able to know about crystal tree and by keeping in home you will get lots of benefits.

It’s create positive energy in home and also give positivity in your life even not only you it’s give positivity to entire family give spirituall financially growth give mental peace to whole family .

If anybody wants I can send him in anywhere in world by courier also and you can take hand to hand also before giving you I myself charge this Crystal tree by my special healing mantras which i get  through my meditation

I got healing powers also from universal successfully i put all my energy in positive way with the name of your all family members chant mantras for healing to remove all problems from your life when it’s ready and fully charged I send it to whomsoever want it’s give benefit many people experience already it’s trustworthy you can change your life

I’m giving distance healing also For enjoying free chakras test for details visit our website blog free Chakras test

Connect to crystals and it’s goes best to your rememberance everyone. When we connect to crystal we pay respect to its time with us and all thay emits. Appreciating that it has left its deep home inside the Earth. Karmically it’s teaches us to use correct technically. Helps us to awaken spirituality mentally physically emotionally and even financially also. By using crystal in day to day life it’s a big deal with universe.


Try to give knowledge of crystal and crystal tree uses, give lot’s of benefits in our life. Gomti chakra with Rudraksh tree it’s a blessing of lord Shiva and goddess Lakshmi. After using only once can able to understand.

Om namah shivay 🙏🙏

dr harsha khandelwal द्वारा प्रकाशित

I am distance healer ,can heal your any problems.want to know your future'solutions send your image,tell your future related problems solution

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