What Is Meditation? How To Meditate

Many people likes to use as well as they think meditation as a tool which fullfill their desires and dissolves each problem of their life.

As they think they get that much only results as they want. But meditation as our ancient Rishis and our guru’s beleived that meditation means starting point of our spirituality path to walk as a meditator.
 What is Meditation?                            
**    MEditation is tool to live happy and healthy life forever.
    **More rewarding thing you ever do.     

**Patience is a key of component of our progress through meditation.   

**Treat and treatment for heart, mind, body and soul . 

     **It is about letting go and surrendering inner voice .

       **Daily practice flows more of the pure divine energy .

         **  By Doing meditation we become more peaceful more focused and less worried .

            **Automatically confidence level grow at high level and you feel drastic change in your life.

           **Meditation helps to grow not only aurically but mentally physically emotionally and financially also.              **While doing meditation automatically people who did not like you disconnect with you and new spiritual loving people connected with you.

           **Meditation not only wash out your past karmas but develop your present and create your new future by clearing your paths.

   Amazing Benefits of Meditation

 Meditation is a doorway into the unknown It can help us to get a sense of the mystery of who we are It was like sitting in a crazy dark room alone.

We are travelling alone as a we are director writer and actor all we are to ourself We have to choose our own path .

HAPPILY without any fearfactor we ready to walk on it . AS we are only a soul and in each birth only our body changes all our good bad karmas we take birth accordingly.

But all our connected people meet us again and again in different way and relationship in each birth.

              MEditation can also help us to understand our own mind.

We can learn how to transform our mind from negative to positive.

By daily practicing we can easily try to understand positive energy and negative energy and differntiate it.

We release all our negativity slow and steadily and convert it into positive vibes Our bad habbits automatically changes into good habbits.

 We ourself decide which is right food to our body and our eating pattern also changes OUR sensing power also grow very sharp.

We can easily daignose between good and bad peoples and able to decide with which peoples we have to move forward or stop there only.


What happens if you meditate everyday?

It is a state of profound deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent yet completely alert Its a meditative state you feel inner silence inside you.

Rather than there is so much stress and sadness you are facing in your life in anyway than also you feel you can find solution of your problem and reach to your goal easily.

So this way meditation is effortless and leads to a state of thoughtless awareness in which excessive stress producing activity of mind neutralised.   

The process of meditation is straightforward and easy too. Meditation means not only close eyes and sit quite. It’s a path to Know in real who are you? It’s a good medicine not only for physical body beside it also for emotional and mental body also. As per my experience it is only 100% true’ also very depthly I want to explore my knowledge that meditation is a life changing formula. It’s a fruit I say that person who taste the meditative state he only understand. After that the person never like to leave forever. It’s like a sweet intoxication of my dearest God that like to drawn more in it.




     How to meditate for beginners –easy meditation instructions
                      1]   Sit on floor on aasan or mat with straight posture back straight and neck erect.  

               2]    Try to sit in your regular time to establish your regular practice.                                                 3]Dont try to control your thoughts let them come and go.

                         4] Coming thoughts is a natural process by daily practice it may stop one day.

                         5]Start from only with 15 minutes than you further extent your time slowly.

                                6] A MORE useful goal is becoming aware of when your mind has drifted sooner.

                             7]Do your meditation in your own way .                              8]your own daily practice only will reach to your goal .

                                 9]In starting you just only take a normal breathe and concentrate on it .

                                 10[ After daily practice you start to become blank then even you cant listen to your breathe.

                          11]  BECOME your friend by yourself —all one— 

                                12]   Before starting meditation remind your own any gurus gods you beleive request to help you daily .

                    13]Before going to bed and sleeping doing meditation gives you good results.

                   14] Its help to sleep calm quite and sound sleep and release your whole day stress of workload .                            


Meditation means to meditate . It’s Just reach to position of nothingness. Doing nothing is real meditation and you can reach by daily practising without self daigonising . Just flow while meditating whatever happening accept it.

dr harsha khandelwal द्वारा प्रकाशित

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