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Hare Krishna Radhe krishna🙏

. I am dr Harsha khandelwal, Bams(am) , crystal healer, naturopathy, master in tarrot card reading and distance healer also.

I am doing meditation since last thirty yrs with the help of meditation my inner strength and through self regression analysis i discover my past birth life through my hidden healing powers with powerful unique beej mantra’s.

These mantra’s and healing methods are so powerful that help in all ways of life. For different issues different solutions are there depends on queries of each person.

These healing mantras energy and different healing methods helps to upgrade your social, financial life, good health, wealth, peace prosperity and also helps to acheive spiritual growth.

In short this powerful beej mantra is siddha mantra and healing patterns are effective giving good result.

Now a days peoples are facing many different problems in day to day life.With the help of my healing techniques and different therapies I help people to come out from their problems and try to give them perfect and accurate solutions.

How swahaam will help you

You will Heal by rehabilationlation therapetic healing . Its means spiritual healers are practice in their ability to see the great light of love and source that you are really spirit and witnessing you are reminded of your on truth .

By going deeply in your Chakras we search reason of your problem you face in your life . We check past birth , present birth past present and accordingly we do healing of healee and cleansing procedure of chakras and special unique powerful beej mantra which I get while doing meditation.

I got god bless 🙏 with which I try to make a future bright of healee special vibration send to healee if necessary we will give special powerful , miraculous bij Mantra for chanting to him for his personal benefits and grow happily .

We also send crystal by charging with the name of healee special powerful healing technique unique powerful beej mantra for his beneficial protection and progressive life for this you have to send your full size photo .

We scratch all Chakras to remove all negativity and after doing lending procedure we create protection shield on a Chakra of healee so that healee live happy healthy life .

Mail us on khandelwlharsha 434@gmail.com for your queries and details and 9820733585 only for wattsupp message.

For financial growth will give you by preparing by the name of person chanting with special specific mantras

Connecting with masters and universal positive energies . Charged with all positivity so the person get all benefits in money matters .

Business grow successful move ahead in business or job whatever hurdles are coming in your path it’s help to dissolve the issues .

If necessary I also give special mantra to grow financial, successfully , remove problem and give you positivity in your life so that you can live happily .

Below is Laxmi yantra make with my hands give person to person according to their problems mail me for your queries .

कुबेर धन यंत्र

कुबेर धन यंत्र की स्थापना जहां पर भी करते वह धन की कमी नहीं होती ।


My name is tejshree waghela age 21 after attaining the session of Dr. Harsha khandelwal and have purchased crystal . Now I am  able to control my own mind and my anger too . I got my career line which I wanted . Have able to increase my intuition in session of relaxing the body I felt very lighter and floating above the earth I trust my crystal too much and always keep my crystal under the pillow while sleeping .  

Review of my students Amita Shah she shares her experience how she feel in and after session .

Master connection in swahaam soul awakening

crystal bracelet for chakras balancing

Healing method for stomach disease

Healing water

Healing medicine Healing water , how to make healing water ———— you and your family can get benefit from it . After completion of mantra chanting put the Rudraksha sphatik mala in a glassof water .

As soon as chanting of the mantra is complete the healing energy is gathered in the rosary . Water filled with healing power is ready now how to heal the whole family with this water ?

Give all the members to drink this water and sprinkle some water throughout the house . Healing energy of both your family and your home will generate positivity negative energy will come out you can benefit by chanting Rudraksh sphatik mala everyday .

Healing methods

Healing on video call

We conduct live healings to clients on video , we give touch healing through video call and teach process to cure from their issues while doing lively with us by heal directly healee sit in front of us .

This way healee get directly vibration protection shield build by us remove negativity mantras energy power etc .

Its different unique powerful technique from person to person according to problems and queries . Each one is different techniques and process as need by client .

Phonic healing

We give phonic healing means on calls we give spiritual healing, vibration and protection through our technique .

Absent healing

Absent healing means sending spiritual energy to someone by visualization for good health and good life .

Build up protection sheild to his aura body and send him healing by prayers and unique powerful effective mantras vibration according to their karmic patterns .

Distance Healing ki

Distance healing energy is sent to a recipient that is not physically present with the practitioner. Energy can be sent to recipient anywhere and anytime .

Single healing

We send healing to single only one person. whatever healing pattern you decide to do . Healing technique and pattern is different from person to person according to their issues .

Group healing

We have started group healing also to people gathered in group such as whole company , whole office staff,full family members and much more as your demand for your group . Healing send together on video call , phonic call or distance healing as necessary .

Cure from black magic

People thinks by doing black magic is short to achieve whatever they want.To become success they destroy others.Such people suffering from Black magic we save them to destroy themselves.

Remove Black magic in positive ways with positivity only which give positiveness to come out from black magic.

The mantras energy and vibration is good and effective which influence the people. With super unique powerful different healing technique is there which wash out all black magic stuck in you and your chakras and if necessary we give crystal also as remedies.

Future prediction

No need to send your birth time or anything just send your present photo.Ask any questions related to your future or related to any your life problem. We will do future prediction and give solutions of your problem.


SARVAMAGALYA kalpvriksh yantra

Helps to promote financial growth, goddess Laxmi Mata blessings get.

Helps to remove hurdles coming in the way of financial growth,helps to clean path for success.

Improves problems related to relations
Makes relations smooth and easy going

It works as protection shield for all members of the family

Helps to make black magic act ineffective on us.

Brings happiness at home.
Provides peace at home.

Bring positivity at home in all ways.

Escape from evil 👁️👁️ to whole family members, Enhances love,in between family members, grow trust and love with relationship.

Helps in making your decision making skills strong and powerful

Helps Give hints and message before any negative events that are going to happen in future.

Help to reduce health issues. Help to dissolve health related issues by guidelines come through from any source from outside.

Helps to remove problems for marriage, after marriage Also helps to remove marriage related issues

Might also help to reduce egostic personality, help to become calm, kindness and generosity. Help to make purity in personality.

Help to remove pitrudoshs.

By praying daily with purity with heart,you will able to connect with this positive mantras supreme power energy.
By connecting with this supreme energy your will power become powerful strong day by day

This is a Kalpavriksha Yantra, without harming anyone who can get it by asking for it in a positive way.

Seven chakras test results in hindi

: Number one ………… In hindi 1) यदि आप ने जो उत्तर चुना है उसमे यदि a) की अधिकता है तो आपका seventy percent चक्र ओपन है।
: यदि आपके उत्तर में b की अधिकता है तो आपके sixty percent चक्र ओपन है
: यदि आपके उत्तर में केवल सी की अधिकता है तो विचार करना होगा आपको ख़ुद पर।
: यदि आपके उत्तर में a और c की अधिकता है तो आपके चक्र fifty percent ओपन है।
: यदि आपके उत्तर में b और c की अधिकता है तो आपके चक्र fourty percent ओपन है।

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